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Consumer and enterprise

Meet the demand of the growing data market

Telispire’s long-standing agreements with national wireless carriers enable the company to deliver the voice and data services that are increasing demand. Telispire also delivers direct access to the products required to deliver the technology – the latest wireless phones, mobile broadband access cards and a variety of accessories at affordable costs.

Become an MVNO with Telispire and grow your profits

Our full turn-key wireless solution is backed by many years of experience.

Anytime, day or night

Check their account balances at their convenience

Today’s leading wireless CDMA tier one carriers’ networks carry all wireless voice and data traffic. You control your wireless offering whether you use Telispire’s Full Turn-Key postpaid service strategies or develop your own. Data drives advanced application deployment and consumer adoption, while voice drives wireless usage. Telispire offers many wholesale data packages to meet consumer and enterprise data market demand.


Telispire’s postpaid wireless solution provides nationwide coverage.  All wireless connections, voice and data traffic are carried over the same network used by today’s leading wireless CDMA tier one carriers. Take advantage of the postpaid service strategies that Telispire offers in its Full Turn-Key solution or develop your own – either way, you maintain control of YOUR wireless offering.


Telispire’s prepaid services enable independent operators to compete for the thousands of potential subscribers looking for mobile communications without long-term commitments. For budget-minded, value-oriented, non-contract and credit-risk consumers, prepaid plans offer many service-level options along with the financial safety-net of a preset allotment of minutes. Prepaid customers also have direct access to an interactive voice response (IVR) system to check their account balances at their convenience – anytime, day or night.


Voice may always be the driving application for wireless usage, but data remains the driving force behind the rapid deployment of advanced application and increasing consumer adoption rates. Telispire offers a wide range of wholesale data packages to meet the demand of the growing data market – consumer and enterprise. From the most basic text messaging service to state of the art applications developed for workforce management, AVL, monitoring and fleet management.